Earn College Credit in High School

There are several ways that students at Loyal High School can earn college credits.  

1. Dual Credit courses. Dual credit courses are technical college courses that are taught by Loyal High School teachers here at Loyal High School.  LHS students earn high school credit and can earn technical college credits as well. 

2. Advanced Placement courses. AP courses are taught by Loyal High School teachers. After students complete an AP course, for which they earn high school credit, they can choose to take the AP exam. The exams take place every year in May. Exam scores and higher education institutions determine if college credit can be awarded to students.

3. CWETN College-Level courses.  Students at Loyal can take technical college and university courses via the ITV system at no cost.  See CWETN course options on the Loyal website by clicking HERE

4. Start College Now courses. Start College Now will allow high school students the opportunity to take college courses at Wisconsin Technical College campuses.

5. Early College Credit Program courses. Early College Credit Program allows Wisconsin High Schools to get reimbursement for some tuition costs for high school studemts who attend courses at a UW campus.