Graduation Requirements Class of 2025 Forward

27.5 credits will be required starting with the graduating Class of 2025

Required courses include:

  • 4 Credits of English
    • English 9 (1 credit)
    • English 10 (1 credit)
    • 2 Junior English Selections (.5 credit each)
    • 2 Senior English Selections (.5 credit each)
    • NOTE: Juniors who wish to fulfil their senior English requirements with higher education courses must take the 1-credit College-Prep English course in their junior year
    • .5 credit of English must be taken during the senior year
  • 3 Credits of Mathematics
    • Algebra (1 credit)
    • Geometry (1 credit)
    • Intermediate Algebra (1 credit)
    • NOTE: .5 credit may be earned in Algebra Basics with teacher permission
  • 3 Credits of Science
    • Integrated Science or Biology in grade 9 (1 credit)
    • Biology (if not taken in grade 9) (1 credit)
    • One more Science credit
    • NOTE: students are encouraged to take General Chemistry (1 credit)
  • 3 Credits of Social Studies
    • American History I (1 credit)
    • Political Science (.5 credit)
    • 3 Social Studies selections (.5 credit each)
  • 1 Credit of Personal Finance
    • Personal Finance (.5 credits)
    • Finance and Investing (.5 credits)
  • 1.5 Credits of Physical Education
    • Phy Ed 9 (.5 credit)
    • 2 Phy Ed selections (.5 credit each)
  • .5 Credits of Co-Health
  • .5 Credits of Computer Applications
  • All other credits will be earned by selecting elective course options.  Please see the Loyal High School Course Description Book and the CWETN Course Description Book.
  • Eight credits of music may apply toward graduation.

Click HERE for an sample FOUR-YEAR plan, which lists all required courses for graduation.

*Classes approved for the third credit/year of Mathematics and Science at Loyal High School will apply toward the credit requirements to graduate from Loyal High School.  However, these classes may not be accepted as math/science credit at other secondary schools or post-secondary institutions.  Please consider this as you select your third Mathematics and third Science credits.

*Basic Algebra and Consumer Math can each count as .5 credits of Mathematics toward LHS graduation.

*Animal Science can count as .5 credit of Science toward LHS graduation.

*Horticulture can count as .5 credit of Science toward LHS graduation.

Foreign Language--2 years of foreign language are recommended, but not required for graduation.  UW Madison requires students have 2 years of a foreign language for acceptance.