May 20, 2019  SOLES Minutes

Call to Order: 6:31

Additions: Loyal Float, Brat Sale Fundraiser, Sell Soda, Technology …Dance times to be set in the fall

Treasure Report: $2974.81

Secretary’s Report: Approved


Appreciation Gifts: Jenny R. will purchase for Christy, other secretary, Grandma Marylin, Joe, and basket for Janitors…Dan, Alan, Susan, & Michael.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Treats left in the lounge by SOLES

New Business

Little Dawg: Wed. nights in June. 6:15-7:15/Kids participate in kick ball. Use left- over shirts from last year. Participants will get some type of Scheky’s coupon on the last Wednesday. Flyers will be sent home.

Magnets: Nikki will reorder school magnets for 2019-2020.

SOLES Facebook: Combine SOLES Facebook on Loyal School Facebook page so hopefully there will be more viewers.

SOLES Cornfest Float: Jen W. brought up if SOLES would be interested in having a float in the parade. Jenny R. spoke to her husband after the meeting so will share more info at next meeting. Jen R. contacted Jen W already.

Cuyler R. will draw up a float design and when SOLES approves it , the sign can be made into a giant poster for the float.

Cornfest theme is Celebrating Cornfest Connections. SOLES will hand out semi clear bags with note from SOLES inside.

Raising money for SOLES: Kaila F. buy soda and sell in lounge . Make about 25 cents per can.  Brat Sale fundraiser consider doing this summer. Talk about it through email.

Technology: Kaila will speak to technology people about posting meeting and activities as well as check into creating FB for SOLES under school FB so it is easier for people to access.

Adjourned 7:10                                                      Minutes Written by Jenny Robida