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My name is Andrew Minczeski, but the kids call me Czeski.

I teach all of our advanced sciences at Loyal, including chemistry, biology, and physics. I have an associate's degree in electromechanical technology, a bachelor's degree in physics, and a master's in curriculum and instruction.

Before I became a teacher, I worked as an engineering technologist in manufacturing. That's a fancy way of saying I worked between the engineering department and the maintenance departments.

I realized the favorite part of my job was figuring out a way to tackle a complex problem, and helping someone else learn how to do what I could do. I always imagined that when I retired from manufacturing I would pursue education to try and solve the most complex problem in the world: teenagers. I always dreamed about the day when I would finish the industrial grind and jump into teaching, until a friend finally asked me, "Why don't you just go be a teacher now?"

The idea never occurred to me! So I went back to school to get a bachelor's degree in physics and found my passion in the classroom.

I am very passionate about our students who are interested in STEM, and it is my goal to offer advanced and competitive classes for students desiring to pursue a career in medicine, engineering, chemistry, or any other advanced field. I'll bend over backward for any student who wants to step in and learn the beautiful and complex world of science.

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